WebCore stops working after slider button hit in Smartthings app

I touched the blue slider button on automation routine WebCore in the Smartthings app and got a Network Error message. Ever since that time none of my pistons will fire; even that ones that are fired from a timer. It appears that hitting the blue slider turned off all webcore pistons, but there is no way for me to get them turned back on, since the slider still indicates Webcore is turned on and only gets the Network Error message when touched. Has anyone experienced this problem? Any ideas on how to fix it?

login to IDE, go to Locations > smartapps and locate your instance of webcore with the pistons listed and click the play button on each one to get them running again

yes… avoid disabling webcore in the Automations section… instead use the pause button on the webcore dashboard

Thank you for the advice. I hit the play button on all the pistons and all I get is a spinning dial that never completes. The log in the webcore console shows the pistons registering, but never reacting to any events.

check that your instance is also not disabled in IDE also… I only mentioned the pistons above so perhaps the instance needs it also

or pause/resume them in the webcore dashboard

I was using the Firefox browser to access the IDE when it would not play the piston. I switched to the Safari browser and that worked. Thank you for your help!!