CoRE and webCoRE same time?

I am thinking of moving to webCoRE. Is there any way to copy pistons over or do you have to start from scratch?

My thought was to install webCoRE and then recreate pistons one at a time, deleting in CoRE and adding them to webCoRE.

You have to start from scratch, but I would not delete anything yet, just pause them. WebCoRE is still in beta.


There is no ability to copy pistons from CoRE to WebCoRE and there will not be. The move will have to be manual. The two smartapps can coexist though.

Pausing in CoRE rather than deleting as @jasonrwise77 mentioned is a good idea, easy to revert back if you need to for any reason.

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Thanks, glad to know they can co-exist. I have very few pistons, My smart home is not the brightest yet. Plan to do more with webcore as it progresses. I appreciate the guidance. SmartThings has the best community I have found yet.


Says someone who already deleted CoRE :wink:

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Just Installed, Kinda Sad there isn’t any kind of import but it’s probably for the best and my 38 rules /sigh.

This is going to take a lot of learning and testing it seems. :smiley:

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I wish that all routines and apps could be paused