WebCore Data is spread between api and another api?


I’m a smartthingscustomer since a few months and initially installed Core and a few other apps with the api.
Today I installed Webcore, but I couldn’t do that in the API interface I was using, so I used the one that is prompted on the webcore.co info page for installing with gifthub.

Now I see that the new API has no link with my hub, but if I go to my locations, I can see my location. If I then log off en log in again, I’m back in the original API interface with my other APP’s, but WebCore disappeared.

So in the old API, I see all my old apps and that API is connected well with my hub.
The new API interface has WebCore installed, but is not seeing my hub, so I can’t install WebCore in my Smartthings App.

Weird behavior here. Any one who can help me out?



It looks like it’s a problem between US and UK servers.
UK servers don’t permit to do Oauth installations via Gifthub.

I did a manual install instead and everything is working, but how about updates then?
Do I loose all my pistons if I do a manual update of the app?

Install webCoRE in the IDE you are used to, the one that contains your hub and all of your apps. The IDE is supposed to automatically direct you to the proper shard - there are several and each of us is assigned to only one of the shards.

It doesn’t.