Webcore install failure?

I have tried for 6 months to get webcore to install, and finally after fixing a semi-migrated problem with my account (thanks Samsung) I now at least have the API pointing to the same as my classic app. However, no matter what I do, I get to the step where I try to find the WebCore on the classic app, and all I get is the CoRe:

I never see the webcore. I have everything else persistent (finally)

What am I doing wrong?


  1. hopefully you installed the smartapps in IDE at https://account.smartthings.com ?
  2. you are using your main Samsung account and not a shared account?
  3. one hub and one location?
  4. I do not see your CoRE smartapp on the second pic you attached. So either you are not logging into the correct shard for IDE (item #1 above) or when you created your new samsung account, you used the same password as your old ST account. In which case you should change your Samsung password in the ST classic app, then login to IDE
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post this on the webCoRE forum meta section. tag @webcoreminions


I’m starting to look into webcore. I need some clarifications before I proceed with installation.
my smartthings setup is done in 2 locations. I have 1 US hub in one location and another UK hub in another location. Without getting into the reasons behind this setup, I have a couple of questions that need help on:

  • Do I need to install webcore in both locations or 1 location would do ?
  • will i be able using webcore to trigger pistons in both locations based on a sensor in one of the locations ? that’s a main reason of why I’m getting into webcore

Appreciate the help,

thanks jkb for your reply !

if I’m reading well, I conclude as follows:

  1. you need 2 instances of webcore, one for every location . I would have hoped that webcore Installation in 1 location can give you access to both locations in smartthings, so something in the sense similar to smarttiles. My wishful thinking here
  2. I was also under the impression that you can call pistons in Webcore connected to a different locations. I recall seeing it in one of @anon36505037 posts. it seems a wrong understanding my side
  3. if I am to use tasker/sharptools or a virtual lan switch, then why would I need webcore in this case. I guess I can do same with smartthings existing smartapps. I was hoping webcore is the solution to multiple locations connectivity, but the answer below doesnt hint to that

please correct me if I’m making wrong conclusions here


Best place to post your questions are on the webCoRE community forum at https://community.webcore.co
I don’t have two locations so I am not in a position to help