Webcore available on older hub under my apps but not newer hub?

So I have an older SmartHub at home. Helping someone a family member with their smart hub and followed the webcore instructions perfectly ( or so I thought). When under market place and in my apps, under their hub/location, i dont see the webcore. If I go under my own hub I see it.

Now, the hub itself is under a different email and I’m an authorized user. Do I need to have them setup all this under their user name instead? Any other way for me to see it?

Yup, you’ll need to set up any smartapp for them that way.

Thanks. I set it up this way and still no webcore app under their location when they login. Is it the model of smart hub?

When you logged into IDE…

  • did you login at https://account.smartthings.com
  • did you login with their username/password
  • did you publish all 4 webcore Smartapps?
  • did you enable Oauth for the main webcore smartapp?

Also, you can now use the new app to setup webcore. Click the + in the upper right of the screen and select Smartapp and look at the bottom of the screen under my smartapps

Nope, the hub model has no influence. Does it show up in the IDE?