Installing Webcore (V3 / IDE)


New to ST and all it’s annoyances. I have the v3 app which seems to have no way to install smartapps whatsoever. So trying to install WebCoRE to the IDE and get the error message:

Metadata Error: Parent SmartApp ‘ady624:webCoRE’ not found

Can’t figure out any other way to install it. I wouldn’t care but my RingPro and porchlight have got themself into a loop (I set the light to come on when detects motion and now the stupid RingPro things everytime the light goes off its motion, etc etc etc)

How do I install webcore as every code page I find and copy in brings the above message. Or if there is a much simpler way to fix this ringpro issue I’m happy to do that!


That sounds like an error independent of which app you are using. Sounds like one of the files for webcore is missing. Make sure you are following all instructions in the wiki very closely.

Once you successfully isntall in the ide, you will need the classic app to complete installation. Install the app on your phone and login as new user with your existing credentials.

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Managed to install WebCoRE on the ide. However can’t get the old app (just downloaded) to do anything as my hub isn’t linked to it (I have the v3 which doesn’t have a code to set the hub up on classic app).

Now what?

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  1. make sure you login as New usesr on the first screen
  2. check for a duplicate location

You don’t need to re-add the hub or anything.

Login as new to SmartThings, then click on the More tab and switch Home Locations

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