Viewable presence in the new app

In the classic app you are able to view an icon that shows if someone is present or away. In the new app that does not seem possible or at least readily available. Has anyone discovered how you can see if someone using a phone as a presence sensor will be shown as present or away? (In the new app)

Your best bet at this point is to set up an automation to send notifications whenever someone leaves/arrives. Then those would be listed in the messages section. Not pretty but it somewhat meets your requirements until ST addresses the issue.

Also contact ST support and request the feature :slight_smile:

If you use life360, that would show the status for users.

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A bit of a workaround, but if you&yours use Life360, they integrate with ST. It’s pretty reliable.

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Last thought, you can create a simulated presence sensor that will be displayed in the new app. You can use webcore to sync the new apps phone location to that simulated presence sensor since webcore can see the new apps presence sensor. You need to add the phone location to webcore through settings > available devices.

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You could set up a virtual switch activated by the phone presence.


I tried that as well. Is there a way to change the label on the virtual switch from on and off to present and away?

Simulated presence sensor

I have gone into the IDE and created a simulated presence sensor. I have included it in my allowed devices so that it can be used in web core. The device shows up on SmartThings home screen and constantly returns checking status. I’ve created a piston that would change the status to arrived if the iPhone is present. It does not change on the simulated presence sensor. What am I missing? Is there a tutorial on how to use a simulated presence sensor?

Post an image of your piston in the thread you created on the webcore forum. All the piston gurus will help build a great piston.

My phone doesn’t allow an easy posting of a picture. But this really is a pretty simple piston I would think.

Use changes to present instead of is present

Same thing. I’m leaning towards the simulated presence sensor

Just curious… how are you testing? The piston will not trigger until one of your presence sensors changes from away to present.

Don’t forget you need to set the simulated presence sensor for ‘not present’ too.

You can always turn the logging on to full and see what it is up to. The simulated presence sensor playing up sounds odd.

This request sounds familiar @blake.arnold :slight_smile:

Hmmmm. I thought it would change to not present because that device is not at that location.

I had it set to both present and away but reduced it to just present when it wasn’t working. Thought it would be easier to track that way.