IFTT Question (Skybell)

I have been using IFTTT to turn on lights when motion is detected at my Skybell doorbell. Using IFTTT because Smart Lighting Smart App has not been working.
The problem is IFTTT turns on the lights fine but I can not find a way to get them to turn off after motion stops.
Do not suggest CORE as I have tried many times to instal & it just does not work.
Thanks Mike

You are saying neither SmartLighting nor CoRE work. Using IFTTT for something that should work is a bit of an overreach. Have you contacted Support for the SmartLighting problem? Have you asked in the CoRE help thread?

Use CoRE :stuck_out_tongue:

No I am saying Smart Lighting is not working . It is known that since the last update something is wrong.
The problem with CORE is I can not get it to install have tried 3-5 times & just will not install so gave up. It would work but also I have no idea how to write code as I am in a senior citizen or as some say old man.

No worries :wink: try with webCoRE, someone else can build the piston for you and you just need to import it - that may help. Find details about installing it at https://wiki.webcore.co (not .com).

Follow the github installation guide, then I can help you set up your automation

I get to the point where it says"paste code here"
Where do I get the code?
Remember you are helping a senior with this

I would recommend following the github install process, not the manual one.


Make sure you install webCoRE the first time around (and tick the Publish checkbox), then repeat it and install the other three apps (the Dashboard app is optional, but so new it didn’t make it to the wiki yet)

Looks like I was able to get core installed.
Now where can I get the Piston to control the lights?
Here is what I want
When motion is detected turn on front entry and Garage
Then after 4 minutes turn lights off
Thanks for the help

So you have CoRE installed or webCoRE? They are different.

Also, I believe the correct condition is motion is detected at front door OR garage, not and. And means both need to see motion. Also, you probably want the lights off 4 minutes after the motion becomes inactive, not after they were turned on, because you want them to stay on if motion persists in front of those sensors.

For CoRE:

   Any of the Front Door Sensor or Garage Sensor motion is active
   Using light...
      > Turn on
   Using light...
      > Wait 4 minutes
      > Turn off

For webCoRE:

   Any of Front Door Sensor's or Garage Sensor's motion is active
      Turn on;
   end with;
      Wait 4 minutes;
      Turn off;
   end with;
end if;

If it is webCoRE I can give you something to import

Yes I am using webCoRE I stand corrected. Please forgive an old man.
I would appreciate any help as I can get. I have looked at the Wiki on line & can not get past the first step. Need some step by step guidance I guess.

So you do have it installed and can you access the dashboard?

yes I can on my tablet not my PC. On PC nothing is listed in My Hubs, My Devices & My Smartapps

This has been corrected, I can see everything

No, on pc go to webcore.co and follow the instructions. You need to open the ST app, go to Automations, open webCoRE and tap on the Register a browser, you will be given a code which you have 3 minutes to use at https://webcore.co on the pc.

OK got it. Page shows a frowny face & says
It’s kinda lonely in here…
How about creating a piston?

Click on that… then choose a blank piston, give it a name and an author name, then in the script click add a new statement, choose IF, then add a condition and take it from there, build the same script I wrote above. I can’t right now but I could make a script and have you import it, do most of the work for you. Mother’s day, sorry :wink:

Not a problem I am dealing with Mother’s Day also

Move your sorry a$$ and get some flowers at least. Go!

It takes flowers, trust me. Kisses don’t work in this society anymore LOL


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