WebCoRE and EventGhost?

I am in the process of moving my Home Automation over from Tasker on my phone to WebCoRE.

One of the “automations” I have set up, fires based upon events taking place on my Desktop computer. Specially, when I wake my computer, my office lights rise to 30%, when I log in they come up to 100%. Then, when my screen saver kicks in, the lights dim back down, and finally go out 10 minutes later.

I’ve been using EventGhost to send a command to Tasker on my phone to trigger the changes. Anyone using EventGhost to fire pistons directly in WebCoRE?

Go to the dashboard’s settings to find details on how to trigger an external event. You can pass arguments that the piston can process using the $args or the Argument field type.


Interesting, know of any pistons using this? I’m a bit new!

I assume you are referring to the “Executing Pistons” section.

My problem is that I have no idea how to use this information. Hoping for a little direction.