WebCoRE and EventGhost?


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I am in the process of moving my Home Automation over from Tasker on my phone to WebCoRE.

One of the “automations” I have set up, fires based upon events taking place on my Desktop computer. Specially, when I wake my computer, my office lights rise to 30%, when I log in they come up to 100%. Then, when my screen saver kicks in, the lights dim back down, and finally go out 10 minutes later.

I’ve been using EventGhost to send a command to Tasker on my phone to trigger the changes. Anyone using EventGhost to fire pistons directly in WebCoRE?

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Go to the dashboard’s settings to find details on how to trigger an external event. You can pass arguments that the piston can process using the $args or the Argument field type.

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Interesting, know of any pistons using this? I’m a bit new!

I assume you are referring to the “Executing Pistons” section.

My problem is that I have no idea how to use this information. Hoping for a little direction.