Webcore alexa announce door while SHM is armed?

I’m new to webcore
How do I make webcore and alexa announce door open or closes?

What you need in your life is EchoSpeaks!


I’m needing webcore code to do it.
I have echo-speaks setup.

Oh. Ok.
Simpler select the device in the piston. Use the speak command and set the variable for what you want it to say.

How to add door closed?

Ok, I just want make sure of what you’re wanting to do.

While SHM is Disarmed you want to announce that the door has opened.
Now you want to add to the announcement that the door has closed?

If the door has closed announce door closed.

Yes how do I add door closed if the sensor detects that the door is closed?

Is this steel working? How can i add the echo dot to the webcore?

EchoSpeaks was shut down. Also, webcore can no longer directly get the status of the old SHM which was part of the old Classic platform (now STHM on the new platform and not based on groovy)