SHM and Webcore help needed

(Howard) #1

I knew it wasn’t going to be this easy. I’m trying to create a routine that goes like this.
When door is locked and SHM is set to armed Away have Sonos speaker say Security is armed. Disarm Security. When the lock is opened.
Because I keep forgetting that I have the alarm set when I come home I would like it to remind me.
This is what I did but nothing happens.


Use if Door's lock is 'Locked' instead of $status. For line 17, drop the $status also and use Lock or contact.


Webcore has their own forum and most of the experts hang out there. In the future, you might want to ask these kinds of questions there. :sunglasses:

(Howard) #4

The Door Lock is called Door in ST so I thought I should use door. It still didn’t work though lol.
I see this isn’t the correct place for this so I’ll go to the Webcore forum and ask there. Thanks for your help.