Routine to check sensors /Alexa?

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Has anyone else managed to build into a routine to check all multi purpose sensors, and if one is open, then Alexa will say “sensor open” or similar?

I run a bedtime routine at night to turn required lights off and on, set heating back to required and lock doors etc, but I need this routine to check the sensors?


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Did it in Webcore. It does exactly that for me: at 10pm each evening, it broadcasts an announcement on Echo devices in occupied rooms. That announcement states which doors and/or windows are open, or if none are it says “all doors and windows are closed”.

So I could build that into my routine as the trigger, rather than at 10pm? What do I need to do with webcore?

You make it sound so easy like even a cave man can do it :slight_smile: Webcore cannot broadcast to Alexa devices without help, just sayin’

Is not as easy as it sounds to make webcore broadcast to Echo devices, you need additional guidance on how to put this together. The trigger is the easiest part, you can do it when routine runs or better when a mode changes.

You need two Apps: EchoSpeaks and webCoRE.

EchoSpeaks will allow you to easily make your Echo devices speak.

WebCoRE is the rule engine.

Basically you would create a Piston (rule) to save matching devices to a variable such as Open_Sensors.

Then you would need a Trigger to activate the Piston such as a Routine (Status Report) that doesn’t have any actions.

In webCoRE:
If Status Report executes
Any of these devices are open (save matching list to variable Open_Sensors)
Then with Echo Device
Wait 5 seconds
Speak Text
“The following sensors are open, {Open_Sensors}”

This will speak the above followed by all devices that are in the matching list.

Head over to the webCoRE forum after you get EchoSpeaks and webCoRE installed. Your more than likely to find a similar Piston that you can easily import!

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You can set up an Alexa routine to do “when a device/sensor is open between certain times then Alexa says…”. But you would have to set it up individually for each device, and it will speak repeatedly as long as the device/sensor is open between those times as the rule is true.