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[RELEASE] Echo Speaks


(Anthony S.) #1

Today we are pleased to announce the public release of Echo Speaks.

With only a few minutes of your time, you can now integrate your Amazon Echo Devices into your SmartThings Environment. YES! you can see them in the Things list and add them to almost any
smartapp available.

Current Features:

  • Make announcements based on any ST event
  • Play intro music when someone arrives,
  • Trigger weather/traffic reports,
  • Create Alarms or Reminders based on any ST event
  • There are a ton of possibilities.

(WebCoRE is currently the only app to be able to utilize the more advanced features like music searching and creating Alarms/timers.

Developers: Please contact us if you have any questions about how the devices work or integrating
into your work.

To install either use the community installer or visit the Wiki for Instructions


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Using Contact and Motion Sensors to Trigger Alexa Routines (DTH in post 97) (Official Amazon Feature)
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(Anthony S.) #2

Placeholder for future announcements

(Anthony S.) #3

Placeholder for future announcements…again

(Jimmy) #4

I’m loving it for our intro music!

(Frank Reymenants) #5

Tested it with a simple piston to warn when my office door is opened and I’m not home. It works great but the speed of which she says the message is way to fast to properly understand. Any way we can control the speed of the message she speaks?

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #6

I have music start playing whenever someone goes into the restroom… lol

(Simon Tether) #7

Awesome, works great. Just deleted 21 Simulated Contact Sensors and Alexa Routines.
Thanks for all you efforts on this

(Ron Talley) #8

Awesome Sauce! Where’s that “Donate Button”?..

(Ian Bruce) #9

Awesome effort, just what I and I’m sure thousands of others have been waiting for!

Got it installed, had problems with it when I selected ‘’ kept getting error when logging in to Alexa through Heroku. I get "Cannot GET /ap/cvf/request"

When I change to “” I can authenticate ok and it finds my echos but they all list as “Offline”

I’ve tried removing and reinstalling (a few times) but can’t seem to get anywhere.

Any advice would be gratefully received?

(Simon Tether) #10

Happened to me too, UK. In the wiki it says you need to enable 2 part authentication in amazon. That sorted it.

(Ian Bruce) #11

I did read that but the error message for 2FA was slightly different.

But if that fixed it then I can do that!

(Ian Bruce) #12

Yup that works now :slight_smile:

(might be my fake name?) #13

My only question is this going to work with the new APp?

I think this sounds like a cool idea and I would probably do it but if it’s going to be defunct when classic app goes away what’s the point?

(Ian Bruce) #14

Right now if the old API and app goes away my whole smart home is defunct! I’m hoping they make the new app actually functional before deprecating the old.

(Eric Miller) #15

The pictures aren’t showing up for me on the tutorial. Anyone else have this problem?

(Ian Bruce) #16

Next question/feature request…

Is there anyway of grabbing the current volume before you alter it in a Piston so it can be reset to the previous volume after a (loud) announcement?

(Ian Bruce) #17

No problem this end…

(Steve ) #18

Same for me I presumed it was just because I’m using my mobile data.
I’ll try again when I get home.

(Anthony S.) #19

The wiki site doesn’t render properly and immobile I’m going to move the wiki page over to GitHub

(Kurt Sanders) #20

Awesome integration and excellent install instructions! Hats off!

Question: Is there a means to obtain the “switch” status (On/Off) of the Echo device(s) so I can tell when the Echo is activated, whether it was through this interface or awake word by the owner?