Web Service API

Hi , I am writing an app , I want to register User from my app , add user devices and provide the facility to monitor , on ,off …etc from my mobile app .
Can someone please suggest me how can I start from the user registration with smart thing web services API .


Why not just start with the official Developer Documentation?

Everything you need to know is here:

@tgauchat Thanks for the quick reply .I have gone through with the doc .but what I need is ,

I have a vehicle tracking app ,So my app user want to integrate their Samsung smart thing devices with my App .
So I want that any user which purchased Samsung smart thing device , come to may app and register your self with Samsung account .and add their devices and perform operations .
I have approx 10K users .and approx 500 have Samsung smart thing devices .I have to manage each user data and their listed devices .I don’t want that user should use Samsung portal to perform anything (like create smart app and add location , devices …etc),I need all the facility to add from my app .
Please advice me the steps @tgauchat , how can I start .

Thank you so much for the Help .

Quite a lot of what you are describing is not possible with SmartThings - At least not without a significant amount of complex programming. There is no “simple” API to accomplish it, nor can it be described in a Forum thread.

As I said. Everything that can be done with SmartThings is in the linked Documentation: