A bit confused, need some help

I’m a newbie here, I would like to be able to connect my SmartThings account and send commands to one of my “thing” from my home automation system (own grown).
e.g. I would like to be able to control my connected Samsung Washer from my own automation system.
Can I use the API for that ?
many thanks,

Hi @Dev! Welcome to the community,! I think what you are looking for is a third party integration, because you already have your own automation system, I recommend you to check this documentation to see if is useful for you.
As you say, SmartThings does have an API available.
Let me know if this is what you are looking for!

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Thank, this is helpfull.
Now I am looking for the full list of supported capabilities by smatthings app (new).
There is a website : https://smartthings.developer.samsung.com/docs/api-ref/capabilities.html
but is ther a place where I have all of them in a single file ? (instead of having to copy paste from the website.)


Hi @Dev I’m glad it was useful, The development team is currently working on more accurate documentation of the capabilities supported by the new SmartThings App.
Besides the documentation you shared, you can always check what are the capabilities of your own devices using the SmartThings API you can query anything from the API using postman by generating a Personal Access Token
Let me know if you could successfully get this information!

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