Weatherproof keypad?

I’m looking to install a keypad outside in a very exposed area (Southern California, so water/wind/dust, but no freezing). Are there any weatherproof options? Are any of them really ruggedized?

This has been talked about quite a bit here… Do a search and see what you find…

I used an Arlington box and mounted a Centralite keypad in it.


With all due respect, I did that before creating a new thread. I’d greatly appreciate any direct links you have. I’ve found boxes that product keypads like the Iris products, but those are still just plastic and flimsy inside a waterproof box. I want something really rugged, if possible.

huh? not sure what this is supposed to link to… I’m getting the homepage

I’m pretty sure there aren’t any rugged outdoor type keypads. Since you’re looking for an ST compatible device you you’re going to have to go with an enclosure for what’s available.

Bummer. Thanks!

Yeah, I’m looking for something more compact and OEM (reliability needs to be much better than I could build myself - I’d be worried about mechanical failures). Good idea, though!

If you are handy. You could build this to activate a contact sensor.