Fully weatherproof SmartLock (Both Sides)

Hello All

Ive looked allover the community and also seen 101 projects but not found an answer to what im after…

Im after a real simple solution for an Outside Gate Smart Lock - ideally and want it to be an all in one system nice and clean as i have a ring doorbell already so i dont really want another keypad panel or 3rd party hack install if i can avoid…


Does anyone know if their is any smartlocks available that integrate with smartthings ideally that are weatherproof on both side, so it could be installed an an outside gate exposed to the elements on both sides of the wooden gate? As 99% seem to be weatherproof one side for outside and not on the other as usually expected to be internal.

My other option is to have a not so or semi smart maglock system that i can trigger with a relay that inyegrates to smartthings - but ideally id just like a direct lock to eliminate the chain of commands.


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I like the KWIKSET KEVO GEN2 - does anyone have this wnd think it could stand the brute of been outside on both sides or could it be made weatherproof in any way?

Take a look at this as a possibility…

It seems to be the same kind of superhydrophobic coating by UltraTech

Hi Kyle.

Not directly seen a lock with both sides weatherproof…but…

I’ve got a Yale connected smartlock on my office door - outside is weatherproof but inside not. However if you mounted the inside unit in something like this http://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/wall-boxes/6899749/ it would be weatherproof.


After evrything ive realised that there isnt a manufacturer who has identified the need for wnfully weatherproof outside lock and have decided to go with you solution - :wink:

I stumbled upon your question bc I have the exact same scenario. Please let me know what happened here! I will say that even though this was 4 years ago, I had really bad luck with the Kevo locks breaking with minimal reason. I think they are junk.