Outdoor Keypad

Any outdoor keypads compatible with ST?

If not, is it possible to solder an outdoor keypad to the Iris keypad terminals?

The keypad FAQ should be of interest ( this is a clickable link)

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Appreciate the info! What are your thoughts on using something like NeverWet to waterproof the iris keypad?

It’s a paint, not a sealant. I have the Iris keypad. See all those spaces in between the buttons and the plastic housing? Water will leak in there and short out the keypad. There’s no way to close those up unless you wrapped the whole thing in plastic (and then pray the plastic never gets the slightest hole or the humidity outside doesn’t get too high).
Why are you trying to put a keypad outside? No SHM delay?

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I have an outdoor gate and I plan to install a electronic strike to control it with SmartThing’s. In addition, I also want a push button (located on the interior side) so someone can push the button to open the gate.

I want a keypad on the outside so my gardener,pest control, potentially Amazon…can access my backyard and front door by entering a code on the Iris keypad. I currently have this traditional lock that is too complicated for them to use and explain.

I could put the Iris Keypad in an enclosure but I would rather have it visible (and I am not sure if visitors will completely close the cover of the enclosure if I had one).

I plan to automate these two gates…I have 5 Dropcam’s that I have been running in an outdoor case for 3 years without an issue. The area is semi-covered and rain is rare (I am in SoCal). My Aeron Z-Wave Outdoor motion sensor did go bad…and the circuit board was corroded…so it is certainly possible the iris keypad won’t last.

What if I wrapped it in some sort of plastic wrap? But I would need something more heavy duets than plastic wrap used on food.


Then I would get a connected lock rather than just a keypad. Those are rated for outside. That way you’re getting your lock and keypad in one.

Wrapping in plastic wrap is going to look really cheap.

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I am not sure how I will mount a connected lock on the wall…have to keep the interior portion of the lock sealed.

I meant mount it on the gate, just like you have the handle.

But I have two issues with that…first the interior portion isn’t weather proof. Second, my gate has large openings (see pics) so someone can unlock it with their hands. Currently using a double-cylinder deadbolt…so a key is required on each side to open/close.

Okay…then nope, no ideas for you.

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Appreciate the suggestions and all the help planning out the electric strike & Wemos Mini on the ST Anything Thread. Hopefully I will get everything working soon…

I would go with something like this…


and use the N/C or N/O contacts to either control the strikerplate directly OR…
Use a water sensor or door switch with dry contact to send the signal to ST so you can control the strikeplate

They are only about £20 on ebay in the UK but I’m sure you can find something similar

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This is also an option but I want to be able to assign codes with ST. Might still use something like this or mount my iris keypad in a weatherproof enclosure, provided I can find something that works well

Any updates on outdoor keypads. Been using my Iris keypad outdoors for 2 years but the buttons are finally double pressing