Weather Tile Functionality - USA Oct 2023

I have done a search and nothing is really answering my question. Prior to the edge transition, I had a weather tile that was used to drive automations.

Example 1: If the conditions are snowing, turn on the heat mat on the front steps.

Example 2: If the outside temperature is below 40F and the interior humidity is below 40% then turn on the humidifier.

After the edge transition, the tile that I have labeled Weather is now just a Lan Thing. It doesn’t provide temperature, forecast, etc. Is there a smart app, tile, driver for external data, etc., that can bring the weather info into SmartThings and make it actionable?

This is what I use now to get weather info into ST’s.

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Thanks, but I don’t have the computer to set up on the lan.

There are now weather options built into routines (that use the weather channel, I believe). They are based on the street address of your SmartThings location.

Just start to create a new routine and you should see weather as one of the options for the “if“.


You don’t have to do anything special, it should just be an available option when you create a new routine. :sunny::snowflake:

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Thanks JD. I was hoping to pass data to Sharptools to run some more complex automations. Maybe I’ll use this to set virtual tiles and use the virtual info in Sharptools. It is also missing many conditions (freezing rain is a big one here), and I can only have a single weather condition automation per routine. My prior automations were something like if current conditions equal (snowing or Freezing rain or flurries or…) then set heat mat to on.

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There are some good threads in the SharpTools community where community members are grabbing data from Open Weather Map so they can get access to detailed weather information. You can find a summary here which also includes a link to the examples:


I use those functions too, I would point out one anomaly about the weather conditions section. They used radio buttons for the 4 options, but they should really be check boxes, as it appears that you can only choose one based on the GUI metaphor. You can actually select more that one at a time, it treats them as an “or” statement in your routine.


Good point!

I was able to create the following, which has three weather clauses: if it’s snowing, if it’s raining, and if the temperature is below 40°F.

It’s unfortunate that SmartThings doesn’t make it easier to access all the weather data that is already there and populated.

airQualityIndex : 26
cloudCeiling : unlimited
cloudCover : Partly Cloudy
coAmount : 290
coIndex : 1
feelsLike : 41
humidity : 72
iconCode : 0
localSunrise : 6:47 AM
localSunset : 4:51 PM
no2Amount : 29.1
no2Index : 1
o3Amount : 28.76
o3Index : 1
pm10Amount : 10.33
pm10Index : 1
pm25Amount : 5.97
pm25Index : 1
precip1Hour : 0
precip24Hour : 0
precip6Hour : 0
snow1Hour : 0
snow24Hour : 0
snow6Hour : 0
so2Amount : 1.24
so2Index : 1
temperature : 43
temperatureAmount10Hour : 61
temperatureAmount11Hour : 59
temperatureAmount12Hour : 58
temperatureAmount1Hour : 47
temperatureAmount2Hour : 52
temperatureAmount3Hour : 56
temperatureAmount4Hour : 61
temperatureAmount5Hour : 63
temperatureAmount6Hour : 63
temperatureAmount7Hour : 65
temperatureAmount8Hour : 65
temperatureAmount9Hour : 63
temperatureScale : F
ultravioletIndex : 0
uvDescription : Low
visibility : 10
weather : Sunny
weatherIcon : clear
wind : 4
windDirection : 70
windDirectionCardinal : ENE
windGust : 0

I have taken @joshua_lyon’s advice and have done the work in Sharptools.