Is it possible to add temp data from netatmo website?

Hi, new smartthings user here and I’ve been searching for a week now without finding an answer so I’m fairly sure it might not be possible but thought I would double check to be sure.

My neighbour has a netatmo weather station and I see that it is listed on so I thought it would be great if I could pull data directly from there to my smartthings hub instead of buying a weather station myself but when I was trawling the internet I could not get an answer on how to do this…

If it is possible, could you please point me towards a direction on how to integrate it for a person without any programming knowledge.

Really appreciate it folks :slight_smile:


FYI what you want is analogous to using “SmartWeather Station Tile” (I have it marked v1/version1) to integration Weather Underground network stations. Device type “SmartWeather Station Tile” . There is another version2, Device type “Weather Station”.

The finer details elude me but they have been working for years. Probably not as nice as a Netatmo but I like the hardware that belongs to someone else.

Have you tried using the standard ST SmartWeather station ?

Hi Eric and RBoy,
Thanks alot for the help. I just added the Smartweather station from the example set up in IDE.
It works fine and it was basically what I was looking for however, I can’t see where they actually pull the data from?

I live in a somwhat remote area (atleast for weather stations) so that is why I asked if it were possible to retrieve the data from a specific station listed on the netatmo website/map as I would get local weather data. Do you know if this is possible ?

I believe it’s pulled from and uses your zipcode based on the location that you set for your hub in the ST app.

If your neighbor doesn’t use smartthings, you could always ask him if you can just borrow his log in info so you can integrate it directly into your system.