Is it possible to add temp data from netatmo website?


Hi, new smartthings user here and I’ve been searching for a week now without finding an answer so I’m fairly sure it might not be possible but thought I would double check to be sure.

My neighbour has a netatmo weather station and I see that it is listed on so I thought it would be great if I could pull data directly from there to my smartthings hub instead of buying a weather station myself but when I was trawling the internet I could not get an answer on how to do this…

If it is possible, could you please point me towards a direction on how to integrate it for a person without any programming knowledge.

Really appreciate it folks :slight_smile:

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FYI what you want is analogous to using “SmartWeather Station Tile” (I have it marked v1/version1) to integration Weather Underground network stations. Device type “SmartWeather Station Tile” . There is another version2, Device type “Weather Station”.

The finer details elude me but they have been working for years. Probably not as nice as a Netatmo but I like the hardware that belongs to someone else.

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Have you tried using the standard ST SmartWeather station ?


Hi Eric and RBoy,
Thanks alot for the help. I just added the Smartweather station from the example set up in IDE.
It works fine and it was basically what I was looking for however, I can’t see where they actually pull the data from?

I live in a somwhat remote area (atleast for weather stations) so that is why I asked if it were possible to retrieve the data from a specific station listed on the netatmo website/map as I would get local weather data. Do you know if this is possible ?

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I believe it’s pulled from and uses your zipcode based on the location that you set for your hub in the ST app.

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If your neighbor doesn’t use smartthings, you could always ask him if you can just borrow his log in info so you can integrate it directly into your system.