If THIS, then THAT at (specified time) daily

Hi, can anyone please help me with the best way to set up a swimming pool pump timer? The concept is that, the warmer the water, the longer the filter pump needs to be on per day. I’m currently using an outside Wireless Sensor Tag (IFTTT compatible) for the pool temperature and a WeMo switch to control the pump. This is what I’m trying to do:

  • If time = midnight, then Pump ON (daily)
  • If temp drops below 10°C, then pump OFF at 02h30 daily
  • If temp drops below 15°C, then pump OFF at 05h00 daily
  • If temp drops below 20°C, then pump OFF at 10h00 daily
  • If temp drops below 25°C, then pump OFF at 15h00 daily
  • If temp drops below 30°C, then pump OFF at 20h00 daily
  • If temp rises above 10°C, then pump OFF at 05h00 daily
  • If temp rises above 15°C, then pump OFF at 10h00 daily
  • If temp rises above 20°C, then pump OFF at 15h00 daily
  • If temp rises above 25°C, then pump OFF at 20h00 daily
  • If temp rises above 30°C, then pump ON
    Unfortunately IFTTT doesn’t have a way of combining all three elements, temp threshold, pump ON/OFF and Time… nor does it have a way of enabling/disabling WeMo rules. I’m using WeMo rules at the moment and manually enabling/disabling depending on the temperature, but it would be useful to make it fully automatic.

So you’re not using a SmartThings hub?

WebCoRE can do this for you.
Everything you need from installation and examples of pistons that people are already doing is here.

That’s why I was trying to clarify whether OP is using SmartThings. He mentioned a Wireless Sensor Tag (assuming he meant this) and a wemo switch linked through IFTTT.

That implies there’s no ST hub in the mix, in which case WebCoRE obviously would be of no use.

I just assumed as the post is here then a hub is being used.

Hi Mark

Yes, you’re right. Excuse my ignorance to you, Bob & all on this forum, I thought “Smart Things” was just a generic name for this forum, but I see that it’s actually for Samsung’s SmartThings - which I don’t have. Still, if anyone has an idea, I would appreciate it, please.

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A reasonable assumption, but I’ve seen quite a few posts over the years from people that don’t use ST. Either they don’t realize this is a ST forum, or they figure people here will be able to answer their question anyway (which is often true).


No worries. Sorry that I can’t be of more help, I’m not sure that IFTTT allows for the kind of logic you’re trying for. I mainly use IFTTT to link devices/services to SmartThings that don’t have a native integration, and then use ST to do the heavy lifting as far as the rule logic.

Purchase the SmartThings Hub and an equivalent Sensor or Device(s) that works with SmartThings that will satisfy your use case.

Only idea I have for you. :sunglasses:

“If Then Else” instead of “If This Then That” <---- webCoRE humor. This will make sense if you go down the SmartThings path.

Thanks, starting again with Samsung gear is certainly worth considering.

Hello all, Looking for something similar.

OK. So you mean you have Kumo wireless sensor tags and a wemo switch, but no SmartThings hub? Like the OP?

Yup - no SmartThings hub. However, I’ve now found a solution by setting up a local server in an old Android tablet loaded with the Automation Manager IoT app (which essentially lets you do more complicated things with a WeMo switch than that offered by IFTTT or Kumo, and which still works even when the internet is down).