Temperature Based Device Control - feedback request

I recently bought a house with a pool and the only interaction with it so far has been going outside to plug and unplug the pool cover pump. I unplug it when it’s cold to prevent it from burning out by pumping slush into a frozen hose, and I plug it back in when the temperature swings up and it rains.

This got tiring pretty quickly, and I figured there would be a SmartThings solution. I found a few apps that looked like they would do the job, but they all required having a temperature sensor, which I didn’t have, nor did I see a reason to purchase one. So yesterday, I decided I would learn how to make a SmartApp.

Introducing… Temperature Based Device Control

The goal for me is to publish it so other users may benefit from the functionality. I tried to make it as generic as possible by having multiple modes, one that turns off at the low temperature, and one that turns on. I also wrote it to support anything that can be “switched” on and off, and even multiples of those things. At the end of the day, it works well for me and accomplishes my goal.

I wanted to reach out to the community because I feel like I had a bit of trouble being successful on only the SmartThings provided documentation. It handles really basic things, and even some really advanced stuff, but seemed to struggle in the middle ground. This is echoed by some of the solutions to problems I’ve seen within the SmartThingsPublic repos.

I’m not sure if the app is written to SmartThings “standards”, or if there are improvements that I can make in the app. So I ask you, would you spend a few moments taking a look at my SmartApp and make sure it looks sane to you? Is this something SmartThings would publish?

Thanks in advance.