[OBSOLETE] Smart Sump Pump Monitor based on dry/wet seasons and weather conditions


Would you like to monitor your sump pump based on the seasons (dry/wet) and the weather conditions



  • Checks if the sump pump is running properly at regular cycle intervals (every ‘X’ hours)
  • Warns you if the water level in the Sump Pump basin is too high (optional)
  • If weather conditions are more critical (raining), the cycle intervals can be automatically switched to be in ‘X’ minutes (instead of ‘X’ hours)

The smartapp is available for download at:

If you do not know how to create a custom smartapp, please refer to

P.S. Technical support packages are also available (optional).


Here are some screenshots of the smartapp:

For more details, refer to


Available for download at my store:

This is an awesome idea. I’ll be setting something like this up once I get my basic setup going. Thanks!

Hi @KeithJW, I use it at my home, and it works great (this is for your peace of mind).

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@yvesracine, exactly my thoughts. I’m also considering a backup pump system. Such a small thing is the only line of defense against considerable cost/damage.

even better…!

I am trying this out and having an issue with the selection of the weather station. When I try to select on it points back to my wet/dry sensors. Otherwise seems like a cool app.

Hi, you need a weather station with water sensor capability such as this one:


Thanks did not realize that. All is working now. Cool app.

This is a great idea. I have already built my own solution but would have used this had I found it beforehand.

Instead of a vibration monitor I am using a smart plug to monitor the energy used by the pump. This approach doesn’t work if the pump goes on battery however. I also modified the Smart Plug to plot the times when the pump runs.


i have a sump pump for my driveway that has a float valve for on’off and a 2" check valve (pushing water uphill) but that worked great for all of a day due to debris getting in the check valve so it wouldn’t close causing the pump to short cycle each time water from the pipe reversed when the pump was off. i installed a WEMO switch and a water sensor at my grate on my driveway and set a rule to turn on the pump when the sensor was wet and turn it off 2 minutes after sensor was dry. worked great for 2 days until debris (once again) accumulated around the sensor so it thought it was wet when it wasn’t. going to put a “cage” around the sensor to protect from that. otherwise, seems to work well. good idea for the app. i may try it.

@SteveWhite - would you be able to share the code for this? Want to do the same thing.

Yes, I would be happy to. I’m kinda tied up on a few projects and haven’t had much time for SmartThings which has been running great despite my lack of attention. After Labor Day I can get the code pushed to my GitHub.

Eh guys,

You should create your own thread if you want to share different solutions. This thread is
about My smart Sump Pump Monitor.

A smarter solution as it adapts the monitoring based on the actual outdoor conditions at your home.

Hi Steve

Can you please share detail on the how you setup the sump pump smart app and device handler. Appreciate your help on this.


Can the logic for the vibration sensing and notification be reversed? Getting a message every X minutes that the pump DID run is pointless spam. My thoughts, before purchasing this, was that it would notify when there was a problem. Like the sump pump hasn’t ran while it’s raining outside.

Hi, the logic doesn’t need to be inverted, it’s already there…

However, you can avoid being “spammed” by saying “no” to detailed Notification in the last page…

If you want even fewer notifications, with the last version (v1.2.5: to download it, just use the original sellfy download link), you can answer “no” to “send a push notification” and the smartapp will notify you only when there is a WET event at the sump pump (provided that you have a water sensor inputted in the smartapp) or it’s raining AND the sump pump is not working.


I could accomplish the same thing in webcore with one line and have saved $10. Not trying to be rude, but I don’t see what this offers then. You can either be spammed every set amount of minutes or only be alerted if a water sensor is wet. I just thought there would be more than just a notification bot for a paid smart app. My assumption is there would be actual “monitoring” involved. Not just checks that it ran, but that it is running an appropriate amount with logic based on weather conditions to influence the checks. IE, not just that it did run, but that it ran an appropriate amount, and if not, then alert.

Please read my previous post: you can be alerted only if there is a wet alarm or your sump pump is not working based on weather conditions…

And, you cannot accomplish what I’ve done in webcore easily (and not with a single line for sure)…

If you’re a developer, just look at the code, and it’s a bit more complex and comprehensive that you think.

Good luck with webcore.

IF (water_sensor) STAYS wet for 2 minutes --> send notification

Seriously, not trying to be rude, but turning off notifications, this is the equivalent to what you get.

Please explain how I could receive a notification more complex than this with your smartapp? If monitoring notifications are turned off and just alerting to a wet condition as you suggested, what I posted is the exact same thing.

I use other DTH’s you’ve created that I have purchased from you, which is why I trusted in buying this. I am just disappointed that the only options are receive an influx of notifications saying it is running, or only getting a notification is the water sensor trips. As I explained in my original post, it comes far short of what I was expecting. I thought there would be checks based on weather to make sure the pump is running an appropriate amount, and alert if not. Sending a message every X minutes just stating it is running, is definitely not what I expected or would have paid for.

I can’t code in groovy, so more power to you and that is why I was willing to pay for your expertise. I can however, get around webcore fairly well and in about 30 minutes created a piston that does more like what I was expecting. So thanks for your contributions, and I won’t spam your thread any longer.