Severe Weather Alert* w/ Alarm support among other things

Simply modified SmartThings template. Therefore, you will find modifications here which include:

  • Alarm with text and push notification for weather alert.
  • Has filtering settings (comma delimited) for alerts, ignore “FOG” for example with built-in ignore list (common things).
  • Can clear alarm after so many seconds automatically (actually have different app that resets all alarms… so disable is value 0, which is default)
  • Does not repeat alarm each time when description changes only if new alert is set. For instance, if description changes time frame of warning.

I was up making sure tornado did not touch down and wanted to make this app so I could go to sleep and get up if alarm/siren goes off. In so doing came up with these modifications to the original template.

Also, you may notice code that makes sure Alarm gets set and code to restart schedule on mode change (heart-beat event). These are hacks in place for alarm not being set every time and tasks stopping after some time…

Be nice if could “import” additional files with SmartThings app, to not repeat functions shared between most of my applications.

If you like it cool, if you feel can do better please fork it:


Note: I would have submitted it through Dev portal, but they are months behind on reviewing suggested changes to templates from my experience.


Very cool.

I did something similar to this, but as opposed to being tied to weather alerts I had the user specify thresholds for temperature and windspeed and then sent out notifications if the thresholds were breached.

I love that there are so many ways to accomplish goals with this platform ;-).

This is a cool smart app and I just installed it. How would I know what the codes are for say, just a tornado warning, versus a tornado watch?

Nevermind, I saw the Wunderground API docs here

@justinlhudson I am getting alerts for everything, not just the tornado warning that I chose (TOR). This afternoon, my alarm went off for a simple special weather statement (SPE). Any ideas?

Here’s an error message from the ide.

You can add SPE in the filter list (comma separated). Exception looks like ST changed the runIn api. I look into it this weekend. :). Have newborn at home so moving slower. :smile:

I use it to monitor just wind and anything not a warning for example.

Ha. Congrats. :slight_smile:

I also just realized that I may have been using the filter alerts list the opposite of what was intended.

I thought I should add TOR if I wanted that alert. Now I know that I should add all alerts except TOR. Thanks for looking into it when you find time. Good luck finding the time now though :slight_smile:

So this app isn’t on github anymore. Anyone have an update where I can find this updated app? Thx.



Does this still work anymore? When I set this up its not sending push notifications or txt messages. Also is the filter to exclude or include notifications? I’m a little confused.

I agree, but have not looked into it. The api being called is still valid, so assume is smartthings not honoring the request to send text.

Hi @justinlhudson

This smartapp still working?

Good ? I don’t use anymore so don’t keep up on it. But please fork it and fix! Then I can merge in the changes.


I didn’t want to hijack @justinlhudson 's thread, but he gave me permission to point out to folks on this thread that RemindR uses Weather 3.0, which offers detailed weather triggered alerts and notifications. Click link below to learn more about Weather 3.0.

You can install the stand alone RemindR smart app with Weather 3.0 from here:

Can this smartapp do verbal announcements?