Severe Weather Alerts on Echo

Not my project, but helping modify it. @Jwwhite is the mastermind behind it. Here is the link to the project.

Edit: see below for link


I think this link would be more appropiate. The one with the modifications. I think it’s great that you are modifying it.

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I don’t really know all the ends and outs of Github, but is there someway we can just have one link? I have a couple minor changes that might be helpful.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes… @Jwwhite thanks for getting this started and sharing.

Just fork the github, modify and commit the changes.

I originally started this with the intention of replacing my aging weather radio. Still using both, but the app has been better then the radio so far.

An amusing note. When I started messing with this I was having trouble figuring out how to troubleshoot if there was no weather. So I looked at a national weather map and found somewhere in the country where something was going on. There is almost always something going on somewhere. Then I changed the coordinates for that area, and also had to modify which alerts I was looking for. But it worked.

I.m just glad some others are getting some use out of it. And a big thanks to peirsm2 for working on improving my basic skills.


Should this work as written currently? When trying to save the preferences i get an error, something at line 81 it does not like.

Where are you getting the error? In IDE? I just tried it and it is allowing me to save and publish from there.

In the Smart Things App, when trying to add it. Not the IDE i was able to get it published as well,.

So when i try to save my Latitude and longitude, i click save and get an unknown error. In the log on the IDE it give me some error at line 81.

9:07:27 AM: error Bad Request @line 81 (Alerts)

This is not my version, so not 100% sure, but issue (I am guessing) is the way it is calling for the input. If you manually add your Lat/Lon into the IDE, it will work just fine. You will have to erase the requirement for input in the preferences as well so you can save it in the app

Here is a link to my version (base)

Thanks, I thought about trying that but though it would check here first.

Got interested and tried this out BUT
I am unable save my initial setup on the smartapp

You have to choose a manual trigger

Tried that too. Is there a specific trigger that i have to use? I.e light, switch, motion sensor?


I created a virtual switch. What happens that if I hit the switch, it will manually call out active alerts. I am working on some other options for this, as well as being able to choose what types of alerts you want to hear.

Got it finally, latitude and Longitude is reversed in the original code.

do i have to create one to make this weather alert work.

Yes you will need to

@piersm2, Couple ways to fix the issue with the manual trigger. Change the input preference to required: true which would force the user to enter a switch. Another way if they don’t want to use the manual trigger, leave the required at false then put if statemants at the 2 switch off places. ie if (manlTrigger) {}

I need help. I have the preferences set up to choose the alert types, but how do I map them to the two letter abbreviation and integrate that into the body of the app? New to using enum.

Updated: see next post for updated code.