The Negative Atmosphere in this forum sucks!

(Joel W) #1

I know that people are having problems, we all have had some. But this Negative Atmosphere and negative comments are making this forum more like a psychologist’s office. ST is going through a rough patch and if we the community don’t support them and listen to articles like that of CNET, which makes their money like any news outlet by sensationalism! Please don’t fall into this riptide as it will only hurt the future of ST and in the long run those of us that have invested time and money in the platform.

ST and it’s community needs support and, we must continue creating a better infrastructure. In this case we have to stop the negativity. I can see all the other platforms watching this and getting ready to pounce. if it happens it won’t be all ST’s fault it will be members in here helping by tearing apart the community.

So let’s pledge to try to be more helpful than destructive.

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #2

I’m totally happy…I learned how to pick “Mute” at the bottom of a topic.


(Beckwith) #4

SmartThings has a great community of users and developers who want them to succeed. Those pointing out issues are helping all of us. You can’t expect SmartThings to fix something they are unaware. A blindly cheering community will not help.

The ball is now in SmartThing’s court to turn this around. If/when they do, they will have an even stronger community.

Stepping down for soap box…

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #5

Like the dial on the radio or tv.

Don’t like what’s on? Change the channel or turn it off.

(Joel W) #6

I think my message was taken in the wrong lite! I don’t mind a topic showing a problem notifying the community and ST, but the repeating of the same problem doesn’t help any. I am far from the type that wants a happy forum, HA HA, I want one that is productive and challenging. I have been taught by so many in here, I hate to lose that experience. I know that many have problems, most created by ST, but some created by either inexperience or lack of following directions. I for one in the beginning fell into that category. Some problems can maybe be solved by people here in the community, but most have to be done by ST themselves. Muting a conversation or not reading it sometimes hurts more than it gains. A week ago someone complained about something, and when I read it a light bulb came on in my head and I realized it was the same problem I fixed for a neighbor. So I contacted the member in private chat with a suggestion to change is WiFi channel. it worked for my neighbor and for him. So muting for me is not a choice. All I ask is that some of the general no subject complaints like “it don’t work”, “this is junk!” be stopped and the crust of the problem be told. Does that make sense?

(Benji) #7

Once again people attack someone who disagree with growing ‘cult’ here and once again the point has been missed.

I personally have never ever said people shouldn’t complain about the issues with ST however, the majority of ‘complaints’ aren’t constructive at all and don’t help anyone other than to clutter the forum with useless repetitive information, it’s these types of complaints and the ones that don’t contain any new information are the ones that are dragging this community down.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #8

I don’t believe you.

You even knocked the Cnet article, implied the journalists were hacks, and shamed the community for indulging in it.

You just don’t want to hear anything negative about ST, no matter how well reasoned and crafted to create positive change it may be.

We all want a perfect ST. If you are happy with your ST, great. Some are not, or are at least not complacent. Be happy. Nobody is stopping you.

Lastly, please point out where anyone attacked OP.

(Joel W) #9

Yes I am not a big believer it the media as most don’t report the news in a positive manner, and they are known to embellish… So yes I want to hear good things, but I do want to hear true problems, not just complaints. This is not the place for flaming as that only destroys a forum.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #10

Sorry, Joel.

That was not directed at you. Sorry for any miscommunication.

(DanG) #11

Many people have been here since the very beginning. Years later and some of the original problems still exist. People are worn out and feel abandoned. People can tolerate just so much and hope for them has faded. People have given constructive criticism for two years and still can’t get satisfaction.

People have every right to bitch and complain just as much as they do praising the platform.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #12

Pretty sure this is a quote…

(Joel W) #13

I am sorry to JH1, I think that little things like this is just adding sand to the wound. We are all hurting, and I don’t think anyone here wants to intentionally hurt anyone in the community. All I can say is that things are starting to get back to normal for many, and hopefully for all in a short time. I also think that since ST is an open platform it can lead to self created monsters. I can’t tell you how many times I have screwed my install up by doing something stupid, and I couldn’t blame ST and I can’t blame the developer if I used the device type in the wrong way. I don’t defend ST as they grew to fast without having the support people or the network to support the growing number of users with large number of devices. Everyday I come up with another idea to use yet another device to automate things. In the 32 years I was in the building automation business, I have never seen such community driven development as we have here.

(Benji) #14

You do realise I’ve complained about ST and created tickets, right? :smile:

The difference is (and what’s ironic) is that I’m more likely to walk away from ST far more easily than most. It’s not that I don’t have issues with ST (I do although gauging the forum, less than most) but I don’t let it get to me and I try and find what works instead of bashing my head against the wall.

As for that CNET article, it’s literally what you’d come to expect from lazy journalism these days. No offense to Shelly but what is essentially a completely unknown source shouldn’t be used as credible information, at least not by itself and for the most part, that is exactly what it is, a cut and paste job from an personal blog and forum quotes. Did they even reach out to any of the ST team for comment? Probably not, because CNET wants to make a biased article because that’s what draws in the views and in turn, the money.

Sorry but I don’t know what you classify as journalism, but that wasn’t it and as for the attack against the OP, it’s not a verbal/written one per say but the moment that someone disagrees with what is becoming a cult here, they’re immediately pounced on by the same people telling them that they are wrong to think what they do in a roundabout way. Why? If you want to play by your rules, they’re entitled to praise ST / disagree with people here, just as much as you are. If you don’t like it, guess what, you have the same muting functions that we do.

(Beckwith) #15

Does that make sense?


I pledge to be more helpful than destructive. I would also encourage you not to be discouraged because of the “Negative Atmosphere.” It is natural communication process when things go wrong.

Pulling out good information and discarding the unintended negative emotion helps resolve issues and is good for your health.

(Joel W) #16

YES you are correct, I am a type A personality and take things very seriously which is a character flaw. I will drop the subject rather than fall into my own fly trap. I will do my best to help, and filter out the negative. I have a wish list for ST and I would love to see it all implemented. Oh maybe I should shorten the list. My big complaint is SHM, since it was introduced it has caused nothing but problems. Smart Alarm development stopped and @Geko was nice enough to explain why he stopped, and I do understand. I personally think that the development of SA should continue as it has left SHM in the dust in many ways. I thought there was a glimmer of hope when Bruce said that he might incorporate it intof Rule machine, but that is now gone for now. These two things are my major complaints. So now I too am complaining! Well I guess I don’t listen to my inner self.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #17

I wasn’t going to comment on your OP, but I did think “Gee, breakthroughs can and do happen in a psychiatrist’s office”.

There have been issues with the platform from the get go that have gone unaddressed. There has been some noise about them, but still unaddressed.

There was a LOT of noise about the meltdown before this one; things eventually got back to normal. Still the issues went unaddressed.

This last meltdown created tons of noise, so much so that it has spilled over into the media. If I comprehend Alex’s recent statements correctly, a new level of priority has been set for platform stability. Sounds like a breakthrough to me… we’ll see.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #18

So negative!

Where is your superior journalism outlet where I can read nothing but the best of articles, written by the best of journalists?

Got it. So OP was attacked, but there was not an attack.

Let me help you… the term you are looking for is “disagree”. People disagreed with OP. Not attacked OP. We are allowed to express disagreement, right?

Sorry to trigger you. Microagressions are real.


(Joel W) #19

Guy’s it is time that we end this discussion it is only doing the opposite of what I expected. We are creating a fire, and we shouldn’t do this. Let’s all respect each other’s ideas and agree or not end this.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #20

I disagree! Wet should end the talk about ending the talk!