User Experience: THANK YOU

I have been on smartthings for more than a year now (Jan’16) and I dove in head first (hometheater, lights, emergency detectors, security, climate, voice, automation) There were some real hiccups last winter with the support and the community, but I have to tell you I was a real hobbyist for the first 6 months. I was all in on terry’s tiles and bruces rules and then adrians pistons and michaels alexa. But in Oct’16, I essentially got my implementations just about as perfect as I wanted it and not only have I been hands off since then, but SmartThings has continued to WORK, hands off, since then!

Occasionally I had to reset/repair a sensor or replace a battery. But the platform continued to work.
Occasionally we’d trigger false alarms and the platform continued to work.
Occasionally the platform would be upgraded or be offline or experience a temporary outage for whatever reason, but you know what? It would still, then, continue to work.

Here I am 8 months later so comfortable with what I have that I hardly want to change it, but I’m excited too, because I see now there’s actionTiles, webCoRE, Echosistant and Lutron integration…

I’m just thanking smartthings for supporting this great platform, and this community for being so fantastic. I’m almost ashamed of how little I add to this community compared to what I get out of it. And I’m so damned grateful.

PS: From my experience (hiatus), I might suggest that someone develop a smartapp for pushing this communities biggest updates to the smartthings platform user directly… perhaps via a smartthings push notification.
Because now I haven’t updated my smartapps in months, only because they all still work and I wasn’t keeping aware of app-updates. I stopped using smarttiles with the Oauth changes, and didn’t know about ActionTiles. I know most of the users here visit the forums daily… but we all know that the forum users are only a fraction of the user base, and if a single smartapp development could effectively prompt non-forum users to update their apps and check out HOT new ideas/products, that would only grow our community. just food for thought. If it’s not possible to do in the smartthings app directly, perhaps in actiontiles?..


I habe to agree with you on all of this. The platform has made dramatic improvements over the past year, to the point that I’ve been hands of on my system and working continuously on EchoSistant.

I really love what the platform has become and everything in able to do with it.