HomePro Wall Dimmer model: ZDW120W connection issue

I am trying to get my zdw120W dimmer to work with smartthings but the “Connect New Device” does not find it even when I click on the dimmer configuration button (up or down switch).
The switch works with my old harmony 890 remote and with my older HA07 intermatic remote… so the switch and the Z-Wave are definitely working. Before testing with smartthings I made sure it was disconnected from all other network and verified it.

any one got one of those connected? or any other idea on what to try?


Well its not on the compatibility list You might want to check live logging to see you see any inCluster and outClusters while you try to add it. If you don’t then smartthings is not seeing it at all, if you do then you need to tweak a devicetype to support this device. The Z-Wave Metering Dimmer would be a good place to start.

Well eventually I got it working. I took the hub closer to the switch… that did the trick…

So yes indeed this dimmer switch works.

Thanks for your help

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Hi! I was hoping I could get some tips. I’m running into the same issue, and having trouble finding documentation on how to pair the ZDW120W. I’m going to try putting the hub closer, but I was wondering if I’m missing where the dimmer configuration button is? Do I just click “on” and then click “off?”