Waxman LeakSmart Valve goes 'offline' after (4) days

I just read that Waxman, the producer of the LeakSmart shut-off valve, is out of business. I have two of these in two different properties. Is there a workaround or patch, so the valve will stay online?. Can SmartThings help us here? When working, the product works and communicates with the ‘wet water’ sensors to close the valve. The installation was expensive using a plumber. I am sure it is some simple code. Thank you!

Depends on the model. I see these models listed in the stock Edge driver:

  • id: WAXMAN/leakSMARTValve/v2.10
  • id: WAXMAN/HouseWaterValve/MDL-TBD
  • id: WAXMAN/HouseWaterValve/MDL-8810300L

If none of those match yours, you might be able to get your model added to the Edge driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo. Install his Zigbee Thing Edge driver from this channel, change your device to that driver in the mobile app, and then post a screenshot of the device panel in this topic.

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Thank you for the great insight. I do have a WAXMAN/LeakSmartValve/V2.10

I do not do this often, but I can follow instructions. What do I do to complete the below? I am on my laptop. Do I need to do all of this on my phone with the SmartThings app open?

  1. I navigated to SmartThings / Mariano_Shared_Beta_Driver
  2. I navigated to: NAME-> Zigbee Valve MC
  3. I see Description-> Devices Supported → https://github.com/Mariano-Github/Edge-Drivers-Beta/blob/main/zigbee-valve-st-mc/fingerprints.yml
  4. I see Permissions → ZigBee: Enable full access to Zigbee actions
  5. I see INSTALL ( this your reference to ‘his Zigbee Thing Edge driver’

Thank you for the patience. What is your suggestion to install?


Chris ‘Figurelli”

Since you have the v2.10 valve, the stock driver should be the one that installed on your hub and in by your device. You can check that in the ST app by going to the 3 dot menu on the device card and selecting the Driver option to verify which driver the device is using.

From looking at Mariano’s repo, I don’t think he’s made any changes to the stock driver other than adding additional fingerprints so I don’t think changing to his driver will provide any different experience.

Is your valve near other Zigbee devices? If it is some distance away, you might want to consider a Zigbee repeater.