LeakSmart Out of Business and Now Not Working

I just found out my Leak Smart valve no longer functions correctly-turns out the company went out of business. Has anyone had any luck getting this valve to function properly?? Thanks

Blackwire says the Zigbee devices still work with a Smartthings hub, but the WiFi devices do not.

Leaksmart Closed - Blackwire.

See the following existing thread for discussion of some specific models

Waxman LeakSmart Valve goes 'offline' after (4) days

I have (2) LeakSmart valves in separate locations. One has the Aeotec/SmartThings hub, approximately 14’ from it, vertically about 1.5 floors above the valve in the basement. It stays ‘online’ and responds to any moisture sensors detecting a ‘wet’ condition. The second location is my problem. The LeakSmart valve stays ‘online’ for three days then gies ‘offline’. I purchased a hub range extender, that I have not placed at the second location. The second location has the hub 1.5 floors above the basement LeakSmart valve, with approximately 22’ of distance through one set of floor joists that has a heated electric floor on the entire first floor. I am hoping the Aotect/SmartThings hub extender solves the issue. I will keep you posted.

Devices labeled “range extender” are usually Z wave, and the leaksmart devices are Zigbee. Zwave repeats only for Z wave and Zigbee repeats only for Zigbee, so it’s not going to help in this case. :thinking:

The good news is that almost all Zigbee smart plugs do act as Zigbee repeaters, so you can just use those.

As you probably guessed, this is likely to make it very difficult to get signal through that floor. do you have any Zigbee smart bulbs connected to that hub that are near the stairwell? Sometimes it’s easier to get signal to go along the hallways rather than through the floor.

Thank you. I purchased the correct extender Aeotec Range Extender Zi using the Zigbee frequency that the Leaksmart Valve uses to communicate with the hub. I connect/see it via the SmartThings app. The valve has been ‘online’ for a week. I think my Leaksmart valve is ‘fixed’ as far as not going ‘offline’ due to my infloor heat system between the hub and Leaksmart valve being effected by the electrical interferance. Thanks to all who patiently advised me of a solution. It was easy to pair on the SmartThings app. You can find these range extenders easily online for under $35 before tax.

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Solution.: I connected the Leaksmart valve in SmartThings. Discarded the LeakSmart sensors as they were always losing connectivity. However, Alexa doesn’t recognize the valve.

I bought new Yolink sensors and hub package. Easy connection. However. I needed to figure how to bridge from Yolink sensors to Leaksmart valve. Alexa recognized them immediately.

I didn’t want to to rely on IFTTT so created a routine in Alexa to turn off a dedicated plug that I set up in SmartThings when one of the 4 Yolink sensors were triggered.

Went back to SmartThings and set up a routine that turned the valve when the plug was off. Then reversed the process to turn the valve on minus the sensors.