Leaksmart water valve app help please

I just installed the leaksmart water valve. Easy install after watching a couple of youtube video’s showing how to cut the pipe and use pushfit fittings. Smartthings considers the valve a “smartpower outlet v1”. The valve opens and closes well with the app, but when i open the app it always defaults to saying it is in an “off” position (even if it is in an “on” position). Is it possible to change this? I would like it to tell me the right status when i open the app. I am new to smartthings so i really need step to step instructions. Thanks

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I saw those at one of my local Lowes, but I already have another solution in place that’s similar.

Do you want the app to show on as meaning it’s in an open position flowing water, and off being that it’s closed? If so, there may already be a standard SmartThings device type you can use, or a custom one that would do the trick.

I believe “off” means the valve hasn’t been tripped (off = nothing to be alerted about).

Yes. I just want it to show “on” for “open” and “off” for “closed”. But not default back to “off” each time i open the app.

How can i download another device type? Do you know which one to choose?


I think you should change the device type from “smartpower outlet v1” to “Zigbee Valve”. That should be what you want.

Have you used the developer’s site yet? (https://graph.api.smartthings.com). That’s where you can change the device type for your devices.

Hi @jamiesmart,

I see you just joined, so Welcome!

You need to get set up on the developer website that I mentioned above. It’s super simple. Just go to https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ and register.

Once there and logged in, you’ll want to go to My Devices.

Find your device for the valve in the list that comes up, and click on it.

Once that comes up, scroll down to the bottom, and click on “Edit”.

Now, look for “Type *”, and change that to “Zigbee Valve”. It will be almost at the end of the list.

Click on “Update”, and you’re done!

Now, back in the app you should back out to the Room, or list of Things, before going back to the device to control it.

The benefit of having this device type is now it will be listed in SmartApps that use Valves, especially ones that use water leak sensors to turn valves on/off.

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Perfect solution. Thank-you for your help.

No problem! Glad I could help.

So, is it safe to assume you got this valve to work for you and talk to your Smartthings hub?

Yes. The valve has been working well through smartthings. I just use it to turn the water on/off and it is not connected to a sensor or anything.

Thanks, Jamie. I’ve tried several times to pair my new Leaksmart valve with my V2 hub, to no avail. It just doesn’t seem to be picking it up no matter what I do. I’ve tried re-booting my hub, excluding device (doesn’t find anything to exclude), moving the device close to the hub, etc. Nothing seems to work. I’m at a loss at this point. I’d really love to get this device working, as I think it is one of the most valuable smart devices out there. I’ll try anything. I do use the IDE site. But, since my device isn’t pairing at all, it doesn’t really help me (i.e., my issue is not with having the wrong device type for a paired device – it simply won’t pair at all).

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!


@johnconstantelo, just realized I might have instead addressed the post above to you. Any suggestions, by chance? If so, I’d be very appreciated.

All my best,

Finally got it to work! Unplugged and plugged valve back in after rebooting hub. All is fine now. Thanks!

Cool, and sorry for the delay in replying.

No problem, @johnconstantelo! Your posts made me confident enough to buy it, and helped out, and I got it working just fine.So, thanks!

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How exactly did you get the valve to pair with ST? I have the top of the valve (part with batteries) right next to my hubby and the light is blinking showing it is in pairing mode but my hub never sees it.