I see that someone has made a device for wattvision. I have a wattvision and would love to “web” connect it to smartthings. Anyone working on this?

@urman or @ben_edwards any thoughts on this? I think Wattvision has posted about working on this integration recently.

@urman, @ben_edwards, @dianoga, @Twack

I feel like SmartThings development is really starting to pick up steam.
Lots of new stuff being added officially and “un-officially”–Dropcam, SONOS, wemo!!!

A lot of people are getting more and more interested in the Connected Home and the Internet of Things.

I think a big component missing right now is whole home power metering.
Savraj, the creator of Wattvision called me up and we chatted about Wattvision & SmartThings and how we can see these things working together.
Wattvision is not alone and there’s companies like neurio and PlotWott trying to figure out this space.

I think having a power meter that is smart enough to tell us when we’re using too much energy (like leaving stuff on–stove, etc.) or granularity such as when a certain appliance turns on/off or even making us aware of how much energy we’re using–all of this can add to the big piece of the Internet of Things.

How do you guys feel about getting Wattvision to work with SmartThings?
Have you guys been talking to the neurio guys?

@dianoga, @Twack
You guys are mad geniuses in whipping up new devices.
What is your opinion of the Wattvision API?

I’ve had Wattvision for years and it’s really helped in visualizing how much energy I consume.
Keep up the good work All!

Are there any updates on wattvision integration?

Wattvision now officially works with SmartThings!! :slight_smile:

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Can you show how to configure this device?

I found the app in the Green Living category. Once you install the app it will ask for your wattvision login credentialed. Not many use cases yet as a sensor. But I did find a notify me when app.
After adding the app it will show like any other sensor in your things view.

I cannot find it in the Green Living category. Is the actual app name Wattvision? I did a search for “Watt” which returned no results and when searched through the Shared SmartApps under Green Living I didn’t find it either. Could you post a URL?

It’s in the SmartThings app on your phone. Green Living section of apps.

My wattvision just stopped working with ST? Anyone else have the same issue?

Yes - Have had exactly the same - wattvision was working perfectly with smartthings - then just stopped working - stuck on last ready. It seems to be an issue at the wattvision web service - as I can’t get anything at the site either for tis account meter - and to the best of my knowledge the device is still reporting - and no other changes. Very keen to hear any progress on this. Will also raise with wattvision

I have been getting the errors now from wattvision. Anyone else seeing this?

What kind of errors? During the setup process or after the device is added?

I reviewed the integration as recent as 2 weeks ago and it worked.

Thanks, I’m seeing that as well. I’ve put in a ticket.

I have a different problem. My watt vision is connected but the power never changes. If i click into the device I see the graph with correct power consumption but the current wattage value does not change anywhere and thus smart apps using this value don’t work. This has been an issue for several weeks. Maybe rate limiting?

Yes i had that at first then removed the app and tried to add it again. Still broke, any updates

Any response to your ticket? Still broken.

Mine isn’t working either. This is the error I get in livelogging:

‎10‎:‎28‎:‎58‎ ‎AM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: org.json.JSONArray.getAt() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.Integer) values: [-1]
Possible solutions: getAt(java.lang.String), get(int), getInt(int), getLong(int), opt(int), optInt(int) @ line 81

I can connect now but get no data.