UK Home Electricity Usage Monitor

Does anyone have any experience of using a Home Power Usage Monitor that connects to SmartThings in the UK.

I currently have the Loop system, and although this seems to work well I would like to have something that works with ST

I understand there is a SmartApp for the Efergy meter, but does this work in the UK ?
Are there any other options available that are reasonably priced ?

The SmartApp and Device handler for Efergy look to be community created so you will have to install them yourself. But they should work fine in the UK

As for alternatives I don’t know.

Have a look at Smappee, there’s a couple of threads on here.

I have one in my bag right now, reduced on Curry’s eBay store to £100 recently.

3 left:

Supported natively by ST (cloud to cloud). Correction, just checked ST compatibility and it;s reporting LAN:

I had always ruled out Smappee due to it’s cost, but at £99 it’s very tempting.

I’m just concerned at what it will actually detect.
The website says - Smappee is designed to help you save energy and money,
so it focuses on devices that have a significant power consumption
and/or are used frequently. Appliances that consume small amounts of
power like LED lights or consume energy in a variable way (such as
dimmers, computers, etc) can sometimes be missed by Smappee

I have LED lights throughout and several computers etc running.
If it doesn’t detect these is there much point in Smappee ?

Also the power clamp isn’t wireless so would be a pain to install in our house.

I’ve had it for a year now. Not a fan. It claims to see ‘signatures’ but from what I can see it just goes by the power levels. It discovers hundreds of devices you have no hope of ever identifying. It also is incapable of seeing devices that consume varying levels of power. It also gets confused with devices using similar power levels. So it constantly gets confused between my electric oven and underfloor heating mats. When I first contacted support they kept on saying it needed more time to learn. Eventually they gave up on me and said they’ve done all they can to help. This of course takes you way past any dates where you cannot return the product.
It doesn’t even see my 32amp evse car charger every night charging at 7kw!
I have it hooked up to the solar panels and the smartthings integration is poor. You can see the value in the device but it is not available to be used in any apps and the code is closed source so I cannot even create my own version.

So I just use it as an overpriced (I purchased at £170) energy reader in smartthings showing me my current usage f or the home. Even then it’s poor as it polls at 5 minute intervals so misses spikes between reads.


Thanks for the information - you have confirmed my concerns over the Smappee.

It looks like it will be the Efergy monitor then, unless there is anything else available.

Just needed to vent how disappointed I am with it.

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I think the aeotec energy monitor works with smartthings also

Well that makes for good reading :flushed:

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I’m using the Aeon Labs HEM v2+ but there isn’t a ST device handler for it :frowning:

I’ve installed a custom device handler as written by SANdood available here but haven’t got it to report correctly as yet.

Will let you know if I manage to straighten things out and make use of it :slight_smile:

I’m happy with Smapee.

Sure the signature system isn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

The great thing compared to much of the competition is that it measures real power (kW) rather than apparent power (VA) as it doesn’t just rely on current clamps. It also samples the mains voltage and is able to calculate the phase angle / power factor. This is important with modern electronic device loads.

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The ST integration isn’t great though, as its cloud to cloud, running on a timer. So you can’t instantly trigger things based on load changes (or solar generation).

I got my new Efergy meter setup yesterday and installed the Efergy 2.0 (Connect) for SmartThings by @tonesto7 and I am very impressed so far.

The power usage shows in watts and updates about every 30 seconds.
It now shows up in SmartThings and in SmartTiles.

Here is the link if anyone is interested -

I use the British Gas smart meter and that seems to work well , just wish i could integrate it into ST

I’m using the Aeon HEM (Gen2 UK version, with one clamp) with my own device handler.

As well as energy and power, it measures current, voltage, and power factor too. It works really well:

I’m also shipping the data to InfluxDB and visualising it using Grafana. I wrote a how-to guide here:

Some example charts:

FYI: I also have a home-brew project in the pipeline which will apply some real-time analysis using machine learning to identify individual appliance energy usage (similar to what Smapee and Sense claim to do, but better ;)).

I use Smappee with Gas sensor in UK - works fine. And I think it would work fine with SmartThings IF you only have one location.

But I have 2 Smappee Locations and SmartThings does not understand that and choose which-ever was created first. (Reported to SmartThings support 6 weeks ago - no updates as usual)

I don’t know much about the gas integration, but if it’s like the solar part then it’s next to useless as you cannot use the solar reading to act as a trigger for anything.

I use a Watson at home to monitor energy usage and solar generation (shame you can’t buy them anymore). I rewrote parts of the efergy device handler so it would work with Watson, and also with EnergyHive since they have the same back-end systems. You can still buy the EnergyHive sensors and they seem pretty cheap and the web logging is free and rather nice.

If you want my code, I’m happy to share.

I would be interested if anyone has any ideas on mootoring gas usage without a smart meter.


For the record I returned the Smappee. Left logging for well over a month but it just couldn’t differentiate between the different appliances and I simply don’t have time to turn the lot off and then isolate them one by one. Real shame!

Can’t agree more. Worst £170 I’ve ever spent. Interesting you still tried after reading my rant earlier in the thread :slight_smile: