Success Story! Wife approval slowly!

(Michael Langkilde) #1

I am slowly winning the battle of acceptance in my house. Long story short with the water sensors and automatic valve our cloths washing machine went out and water overflowed and the sensor detected the water and shut the water off to the house. Needless to say prevented a major flood. She was on Facetime with her mom from Brazil and did not notice the notification since it did not appear but I was able to get a hold of her and she was shocked and surprised. Later that evening she was feeling good that the system did what it was suppose to do and prevented a bigger problem.

Now we just have to get our cloths washing machine fixed or get a new one.

It sure does feel good to have the work pay off and in the end after all the hassle she may give me for having fun with home automation it does protect us from further damage and other issues.

Thanks SmartThings!

(Mathew Shelby) #2

That is exactly the type of use scenario I am looking for to show my wife why we need such a system. Can you share what components are needed (in addition to the ST hub, of course) in order to make this happen? Thanks in advance!

(Michael Langkilde) #3

I am using a:

  • Tofine ball valve
  • Mimolite
  • I have a smartthings water sensor and Everspring water sensors.