Washer SmartThings Interface is Broken

Hello, I’ve just bought a new washer WW80AG6S28AEUA and connected it to SmartThings. The problem is that on all videos, screenshots, reviews the washer intrface in smartthings looks totally different. It has slim blue icons, animations, lists. Mine looks very barebones (like a beta or a dev test build), with just huge greentexted buttons and the Laundry Recipe button always being greyed out.
Tried resetting, reinstalling, reconnecting, changing phone language, changing font size, installing older app version, connecting to different wifi, deleting cache but nothing helps.

What can be done? It driving me nuts, cause I really want that Laundry Recipe function and normal interface.

This is how it should look

This is how it looks like in my Samsung phone

Since you have yet to receive any responses… You may also want to post on the Samsung Community forum for their appliances. Not sure if they will direct you back here.

link → Samsung Community Forum

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It looks a lot like the dishwasher tile when expanded.