Garage Door Monitor Smartapp notifications - help please

Brand newbie here - finally setting up SmartThings from Kickstarter. I was able to find and publish for myself the Garage Door Monitor SmartApp and get the notifications working in the app. My problem is that even if it’s configured to, it won’t send a text or email, or even show a push alert on my phone. (It is configured properly in the iOS notifications center).

I feel that I must be missing something obvious, but I have no idea what.

I have mine set up thru IFTTT to email me when my garage is opened and closed. plus it feeds to my grovestreams dashboard so I can look at it there to see its state as well.

works really good, neighbor’s son likes to borrow my tools when im not home…I get an email, I text his dad and ask him WTH. maybe I need to change my garage door code. :smirk: