Smartthings ADT Security Hub: How do I get push notification when GoControl garage door opens?

Just installed my SmartThings ADT security system can’t for the life of me figure out how to get a push notification sent to my phone if the garage door opens I have a go control garage door opener that I linked to SmartThings. Do I need a third-party app or something.

It should be doable with just smartthings. Which version of the mobile app are you using, SmartThings classic or “smartthings (Samsung connect)“?

Very easy in webCore.

Garage Door door changes to OPEN
Send PUSH notification

SmartThings Samsung connect I have both though.

Since you have the classic app, I believe you should be able to set up a “custom alert“ into smart home monitor that will do it:

I think you can also use the “notify me when“ smartapp from the marketplace ( it’s free)