Want to get SmartThings Geolocation (or SmartThings + Apple Watch) to unlock Yale Conexis door lock

Hi - I’ve had a scan through and can’t seem to find the way to go about this - I’m not a techy but installed a Yale Conexis lock last weekend, and a smartthings hub. I got the new Smartthings app (think I may have wanted the classic now) and am struggling. I can lock and unlock the door with a single click but ideally I’d like:

  1. to be able to drive home, have my phones geolocation let the conexis know I’m home and unlock the door
  2. be able to get alexa to unlock the door and lock it
  3. be able to unlock the door with my apple watch (don’t think the new smartthings app has apple watch support)

Is there a simple help guide for either of these?

Those can all be done, although some of it’s a bit complex, with the classic app.

To the best of my knowledge at the present time the new app does not allow you to automate the unlocking of locks.

@Automated_House May know more.

For how to do it with the classic app, see the following FAQ:

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