Yale conexis l1 and zwave module 2 unlock on arrival at home? Uk

Hi I have the Yale Conexis l1 and a zwave module 2 and a smarttthings hub v2,I heard you can make the door automatically unlock when I arrive home in my car with my iPhone does anybody have a walkthrough how to do this ? I presume it uses geolocation but I can’t find any info in the app thanks

Start with these 2:

If you have issues:

It’s still a painful process getting the Yale lock l1 to unlock on arrival app shows 4 phones its so over complicated 2 apps as well Samsung have made this a very painful experience and not worth the outlay

Samsung may have agreed with you as they have removed this feature from the new app. :disappointed_relieved:

You can no longer automate the unlocking of a lock unless you use the classic app, which they have already told us will be discontinued eventually, although they haven’t said exactly when.

Thanks for that info so is there any point having the 2 apps ?

at the present time you can use both, and some people do. You can do more with custom code, Geopresence, and security devices including locks in the classic app.

You have to use the new app to set up hubs released in 2018 or later. You also need to use STSC (the new app) for Samsung brand smart appliances and televisions. There are also some new device integrations which only work with the new app.

Other than that, it’s up to you.

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