Want lock to lock over night - Schlage - automation- routine-schedules

I have a schlage connected keypad lever door lock that only has to do two things:
Lock at 9:30pm and unlock at 6am.
It seems like an impossible task! There are no user codes etc ( other then an emergency code).
I tried to set up a lock routine in the classic app and I thought that I did it all correctly but it won’t lock at the scheduled time.
In the new app, I set up an automation that will lock the lock at night till the morning if unlocked and in night mode ( why does it force me to select a mode?). Still no luck.
What am I missing here? Is there like a specific way these if-then-that routines have to be written for my lock to work? I can lock/unlock through both apps manually but I don’t want to do this.
Help! :wink:

Use the Classic app and a couple of tips. Locks are sensitive devices on a zwave mesh.

  1. Don’t use a top of the hour e.g. 9:00pm or 9:30pm, use an few minutes offset like 8:58 or 9:33 as the platform is relatively less loaded at these non peak times and cause less timeout issues.
  2. Add a buffering device within 20ft of your lock as it helps with commands which may be lost in the mesh otherwise. More details on this topic

If you routines are failing, which can happen because of the reason mentioned above, you can check out the Routines Backup app which is designed to handle these scenarios (you’ll need access to rboy apps) where routines fail to execute completely (for any reason).

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You will have to use the classic app. They changed their design philosophy for security devices in the new app, and you cannot automate unlocking.

Can you post a screenshot of the routine you had in the classic V2 app so we can look at it? It should work there. :sunglasses:

@rboy’s suggestion of using a slightly off time is a very good one, there are sometimes traffic issues particularly at very popular times of day.

Thank you. I already changed it to odd times when I was testing it.
Good to know than I can leave the new app alone
This is how it’s set up now in the classic app. Can only post one pic per post eye roll

This is the second pic. Than I have a similar rule to unlock it

Looks good, you can check if the command was sent to the lock by looking at the Recently tab in the device page on the ST app. If it was sent and it didn’t lock, then check the mesh or look into back up options.

If the command wasn’t sent then something else is going on.

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Thanks! I looked up the history and it seemed to have locked… but does it check in every hour with the lock to get a status or why does it repeat the command every hour?

That’s a visual issue with the local execution of the stock DTH where it reports the status even though it hasn’t changed. It’s been explained in more detail here:

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