Schlage Connect lock ST routine Auto Unlock not working

I have two routines for my lock to auto lock and unlock when I come and go but after I get home and it auto unlocks for me I come inside then lock it again but it’ll auto unlock again because it’s detecting I’m home. How can I make that not happen? Here are my two current routines

Auto lock
If all conditions are met
Backdoor Lock state is unlocked
I am away from my house

Backdoor Lock is Locked

Auto unlock
If all conditions are met
Backdoor Lock state is locked
I am at my house after being away for 2 mins

Backdoor is unlocked 30 seconds after

I have it set up to unlock after being away after 2 mins in case I am outside geo fence shortly. That’s also why I have it set to unlock after 30 seconds in case I’m just passing by through my geo fence.

What do I need to edit or add so it will not unlock again after I have entered the house and locked it manually?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

Can you post a screenshot of the routines? Sometimes tiny details make the difference. :thinking:

Sure. Here is what my routines look like

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I don’t think this is possible at the moment. There is no way to natively tell SmartThings you have manually locked the door. I use SharpTools to retrieve event data to determine if a lock has been manually locked/unlocked to active a routine. Using it you could add a virtual switch that is set when manually method is detected to prevent the routine from running.

How hard is that to do with Sharp Tools? Do I need programming skills because I don’t have any lol.

You can check out @joshua_lyon and @jamesguitar3 are super awesome over there.

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Sounds like you need a nested if/the conditional statements.

I can’t help to much as I have moved onto Hubitat.

From that perapective I use Node-Red with the Samsung Automation Studio pallet for a few things I cant fully move over. It is a very powerful tool that can create very complex rules. You may want to look into something like that if the built in Smartthings rule engine isn’t powerful enough. It has a visual aspect to it as well which i think makes it easier then trying to write code to do it from within the Smartthings API environment.

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Try adding a pre condition, only to execute the unlock action if you’re not present for X minutes.