Wall switch/remote for LIFX?

I had a bunch of Philips Hue bulbs and dimmer remotes set up around the house already (living room, both bedrooms, basement rec room), and really like the integration with the remote. It makes it much less painful to lose the ability to just toggle the lights on and off from the wall switch.

However, I got a few LIFX bulbs (one for master bedroom lamp, 3 br30 for hallway), but I don’t have an easy wall-mounted way to control them. Alexa can do it, but we don’t have an Echo in the hallway. The hallway light switches can do it, but then they can’t be turned on remotely.

Is there any alternative to the Hue dimmer that could work directly with SmartThings to get a battery powered switch or dimmer set up with my LIFX lights?

Sure, see the list of remote/buttons that work with SmartThings. There are many options. Some are wall mount, some are handheld.

Because SmartThings is a multiprotocol platform, as long as the switch can talk to the hub, the hub can send a message to the LIFX bulb. :sunglasses::level_slider::bulb:

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I use a smartapp called CoRE.

I linked a minimote to my LIFX bulbs using core and now I can push the buttons on the minimote to activate scenes that I created in the LIFX app.

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