Will this work: using a dummy switch to control LIFX bulbs through SmartThings?

First time posting in this forum so if I’m in the wrong location my apologies.

I’m currently looking into expanding my home automation set up.

I’m considering a smartthings hub as it integrates with lifx which is my bulb of choice. Here’s the tricky part.

I have a gang box in my guest room that used to be a wall switch to control an electrical outlet. The outlet has been hardwired to power always on which is preferable, but it leaves me with a wall plate cover and no working way for guests to simply turn on the lights.

So my question is this. I still have electrical lines running behind that gang plate cover, so I could hook up a smart light switch such as a demo brand and it could receive power, but physically, it couldn’t control a light the old fashion way as electrically nothing is ran to it beyond power to the switch.

Could I install a demo switch into this gang box. And with a smartthings hub use that switch to control multiple lifx bulbs in lamps through wifi?

Sure. This is a good question, and one that gets asked several times a month. You can use a dummy switch wired into the Mains or a battery powered switch.

See the following FAQ. Although it mentions hue bulbs, it applies to any smart bulb that needs to always be on power that can communicate with a smartthings hub. ( The thread title is a clickable link)