Wireless In Wall Wireless Switch - Question

So I a working on converting my Control 4 system over to a SmartThings. So far I have been using GE switches to make my 2 way and 3 way switch work.

However in my living room I have a pointless switch. It was originally wired in the wall to control a fan and a fan light. However the room already has can lights and the a fan so the fan light is not used.

So here is the strange thing the Can lights can only be controlled from the kitchen - for the living room… not from the living room… So I have been looking for a wireless in wall switch that can turn on the light on/off wirelessly without having to knock out some of the wall to re-route the actual physical cable. Hard to find since everything that says Zwave is already wireless but still requires in wall connections lol. Any recommendations?

If you’ve already got a smart switch controlling the can lights from the kitchen, you could add another GE switch to the spot you’re talking about but not have it connected to a load (This requires some wires to feed power to the switch but does not require wiring to the can lights).

You could then use something like “The Big Switch” to tie the new switch to the one in the kitchen and synchronize them.


Here are some wireless options.

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Now do I need to use a GE addon switch or a full blown Z wave switch. Thank you so much for helping btw :)!!!

Assuming you don’t have a traveler wire between the two switches, you’d need another full-blown switch.

Technically I could just use a neutral as a traveler. However I would still need to probably have a load line on it.

Ok last question but I have been scouring for the app “Big Switch” but I can’t seem to find it. I found a forum for it on where to find it but i guess the category it was under has changed.

How about using a switch like this…

It just sticks onto the wall and can control Z-Wave ONLY products. Programing it is a bit different, but there are threads here for it. I have one to control things in other parts of my home. Works great. but is Z_WAVE ONLY!

The 45631 is a first generation Zwave scene controller. It will not work well with SmartThings unless you have pre-programmed it with a different zwave controller, which most people don’t have unless they are migrating from a different system. It also will not be able to control any other devices in your SmartThings set up, such as Zigbee or Wi-Fi devices.

The problem is that these devices are intended to be used in all zwave networks. They rely on specific Z wave commands that do not communicate to the hub, but just speak directly to the devices they control.

In SmartThings, commands are generally relayed to the hub, which is what gives us the option to mix zwave and zigbee devices in the same routine. So that’s a good thing generally, but it does mean that devices that rely on protocol specific commands generally don’t fit in architecture.

There are a few multibutton devices that can be made to work, specifically the Leviton VRCS4 and 2 ( but not the Leviton the VRCZ4). Search the forms for details on any specific device that you were interested in.

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Also it appears BIg Switch has been discontinued in favor of smart lights - smartapp.

Does pretty much the same thing. Got it working last night! Awesome!!!

Thanks for the info. I was able to use the Smartlights smartapp and made it to control the light switch.

One program to run to turn on both the kitchen switch in conjunction with the pseudo GE switch in the living room. Then another program to turn it off.

Neat so I can hit either to turn both on or off from EITHER switch effectively making it a 3 way switch.

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