Electrical Wiring Question - Switch w/out Load

Hey everyone, first time poster long time reader. :slight_smile:

I have two light switches in a room. One was for a ceiling fan and one was for the ceiling fan light. I replaced with a ceiling fan that only requires a single switch to control as it also has a remote control to do the rest. I now have one light switch sitting there doing nothing (I capped/taped the load wire in the ceiling above the fan).

I’m going to replace these light switches with GE In-wall paddle switches; I will then add SmartThings wall outlets for some bedroom lamps so I can use that switch to turn on/off some bedroom lamps that are plugged into the wall via SmartThings automation.

My question is: since I really don’t need power going to the load line, can I get away with not wiring the load line at the switch? That way, in theory, I’m only powering the switch itself and the power stops there and doesn’t ever reach the cap in the ceiling?

That’s exactly how you should wire it. When I replaced the fan, I would have disconnected the load wire from the light switch.Use Linear Z-Wave 3-Way Wall Accessory Switch - WT00Z-1 for smartthings control over your outlets. It just requires line power to the switch with a neutral to operate.

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Yep, this should work just fine. Make sure you cap/tape the disconnected load line in the switch box too though.

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Thanks everyone! Appreciate the input, just wanted to make sure to get a second set of eyes to ensure I wasn’t going to light myself on fire when I flip the breaker back on for some reason. Cheers!