Wall Switch Icon

We are all familiar of the default receptacle icon:

But, is there an icon of a wall switch?


Not in the current list, but being able to use your own icons would be nice

@daneray let’s get a switch icon in there! :slight_smile:


@beckwith, @theedpope and @Ben please look in the Home category of icons now, you’ll see a switch.

Also, the design team is currently looking into ways to expand our icon library for devices to better suit the needs of our customers and our developer community. Nothing that we have a timeline on as of yet, but options are currently being weighed and discussed.

Cheers guys!




Thanks that works for me:

Seems like you have everything but the kitchen sink. Do you think you could add one?


@beckwith its not necessarily a “kitchen” sink, but there is a sink in the bathroom category.

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Yeah, there are actually two bathroom sinks. They just don’t work in my kitchen.

I would love to see an image of a front of house with a garage and a back of the house with a deck? Or maybe a Shed.

What the heck - add a Christmas lights icon as well…

This would help the WAF factor at my place with my outside lights.

There is a pine tree in the outdoor icon category :slight_smile:

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I would love to choose to use an icon or the device name in my ios App.

My wife has a vision issue so shaking the phone to read the name does not work for her. The App reverts back from text to icon too quickly.

Is it possible to have the tile show text and not the icon?



We are working up version of the interface that behave this way. Not sure when we will publish them, however.

But that could be the Christmas tree. What if I have outdoor lights too (which I do)?

The list is never ending :smiley:

@daneray any plans on updating the “Seasonal” category of the available icons to include a :christmas_tree: or maybe a Festivus pole?

There is already a perfectly good Christmas tree icon available that I’m using (st.holiday.christmas-tree.device-switch-christmas), but it may be more convenient for everyone if we didn’t have to create a custom device type to get access to it.


@nelemansc I can probably conjure up something for the December holidays. Lets not jump the gun though, this isn’t retail :smile:

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@daneray Hah, fair enough. Wish some of the family members had the same point of view. Xmas starts the day after Halloween in this household…

Rather than the icons… Can we get something new when the icons are clicked? :wink:

While you’re taking requests, how about an icon suitable for a doorbell?

Also, when rummaging through the list I saw a plunger icon in the “Bath” section. Anyone using this? If so… could you share your implementation? =P

If you decide to flush some non working sensor down the toilet… it will come handy if there is a z-wave/zigbee plunger (who knows). :slight_smile:

any chance to get the words or icon? say in the home catagory, have a light switch icon, and an icon that just says light or switch?

i have two thermostats upstairs and downstairs, but i can’t find an icon to represent them, and both show the temperature as the icon. Without manually adding tiles, it would be much easier to just replace the icon with a word icon or picture of stairs.

Nice work on the Seasonal Icons!!

I have the a few of these added for my Christmas decorations :evergreen_tree::snowman:️ With my Aeon Smart switches and GE Outdoor switch.