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Wall Switch Icon

(John Shepherd) #21

Used the Christmas tree one and it was great to show off to people. So thanks! :smile:

Couple requests:

  • Would love to have more options for chandelier lighting icons.
  • Some icon for Kitchen cabinet puck lighting. I use the one that looks like a pot light right now, but some cabinetry with beams of light coming down would be perfect.
  • In general would love to see more lighting icons. More lamp shapes, hanging lights, lamps on things like tables, side tables, round bar-tops, etc. I don’t mind so much not having the name on icons as long as I can find something that closely resembles the actual light.

And a bug report:

  • Have had a lot of inconsistencies with changing icons and them not updating all the time and/or reverting back to previous ones. Based on this it must be some kind of caching issue I would guess - clicking ‘refresh’ should be a refresh cache call 100%. (That my best non-coder guess). :smile:


(Beckwith) #22

Seems like this icon is no longer available in Android version 2.1.5.


It’s there. I’m currently using it for a couple of my own DH’s:


(Beckwith) #24

Yes, I’m also using it but can’t add it to new devices. And if I go to change an existing device with it, it shows the fireplace icon.

I thought there was a way through the IDE but can’t find it.


Got it, but no idea why you’re experiencing that behavior. Not of any way via the IDE without using a custom DH.

(Beckwith) #26

Are you using Android or IOS?


Android. I updated my DH and added “canChangeIcon: true” to see if I can replicate your experience, but I seem to be OK, or I’m not truly understanding your issue (which is very possible!)

(Beckwith) #28

Must just be me. I’ve contacted support:

(Adam Outler) #29

The Amazon icon shows it in a neutral position, but the icon in-app shows it in a down position. It would be nice if there were an option for switch-on and switch-off. I’d like to see the reverse in a .on and .off configuration for my code.

(Issaga Kane) #30

I too am using an androind device and am unable to find the wall switch outlet.
Help! Help!.

(Beckwith) #31

It is a bug I reported long ago and still isn’t fixed.

Choose the Icon fourth down and three to the right in the Home category. It is the switch Icon but has a fireplace and couch overlaid over it.

(Issaga Kane) #32

Thank u so much.

(Rick) #33

just wanted to say thanks from JAN2019, was able to find the switch icon thanks to your post!