Wall/ Panel Heater Wifi (Adax)


I have a wifi panel heater I would love to intergrate / Connect to ST any ideas


Hi, I also have an adax panel, if anyone knows how to do an integration with smartthing I would appreciate it

Me too!!
I’d love to integrate it but I don’t have the knowledge to write my own handler. Hopefully someone else will.

Yes. It would be great if someone could develop an application for ST to control the adax radiator application.

anyone come up with anything?

Anyone found a solution?

Been looking out for integration with Adax Wifi heaters for a while. They recently added Google Home integration and the latest version of the app now offers Homey and a link to the ‘Remote user client API’ which I imagine might be a step forward?

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I’m looking at replacing my current “dumb” heaters with something that I could integrate to SmartThings. So far it seems like none support ST natively so this would a really welcome addition.

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