Lux/geo WiFi thermostat anyone?

I keep searching, and searching…I bought a nest but I need 3 total and not sure I want to spend 750 on just that so I may return the nest and I was going to use ct100s. I came across a WiFi (not zwave) thermostat for 150 and I actually like the way it looks and itll operate without a C-wire. Has anyone has any experience with this? Support seems good as well as the reviews. Anyone had any experience with these?

Anyone heard of these at all?

I am considering ST and the new Lux/Geo thermostat and would like to know also if ST supports or plans to support this new device. Given the different features (can operate on battery and without C wire; programmable; simple design) as well as the relatively competitive price, it appears to be a good choice of a device. Certainly, if it could be connected to the SmartThings Hub, it would be a great plus.

My AC has a c wire, so I may keep the nest but will still need 2 more for heat. Im still hoping someone chimes in to hell us. Then I think, how important is is it really to work “within” ST vs just using their app which is probably fine. Let’s home someone does post up though.

Anyone? Maybe it sucks and isn’t worth commenting :wink:

As with any device not officially supported by SmartThings, you are more than welcome to write device support yourself. is an excellent resource to get you going.

I can barely spell my name never mind write code. LOL.

I would be interested in this as well.
I just purchased LUX GEO WIFI Thermostats and I would love to have them integrated with the ST setup that I have at home.
I am new to this so my knowledge is limited so any interest/assistance would be appreciated.
I suppose I can use their app but it would be great if I can control these thermostats with the ST instead.
I own NEST units also but my system is a mV system and so far LUX GEO are one of the very few devices that will work with my H/C system at home.

Thanks in advance.

I bought a couple of these and I love em. I originally wired then to my ancient gas wall heaters that had no c-wire. The thermocouple in the gas heater generates just enough power to switch it’s on valve so I used batteries in the thermostat, this requires frequent battery changes, though I think you can use a USB wall outlet.

I now have a whole house fan hooked up to them and I love the control I get. Personally I’d like more controllability but overall an excellent product. I can whole heatedly recommend.

any news on this integration?

So… I’m guessing there is definitely no direct Samsung SmartThings support for this. It looks like someone is going to have to write a custom device handler for this. The question is if this device would even be capable of that. Anyone know where to start to determine if a custom device handler could be written for a Lux Kono thermostat? They have them at $99 for Black Friday, but I don’t want one unless it is possible to get it working on Smart Things.

I write Ansible playbooks and dabble in PowerShell and am starting to mess with Python a little. I also did some custom modifications to a device handler to get a contact sensor to be seen as a smoke alarm a while back. If someone with custom device handler experience wants to point me in the direction of determining what would be the initial requirements on the device side for the ability for a custom device handler to be written, then I might tackle this. I have 7 weeks off work starting this coming week and this might be just the project to keep me busy.