Wall-mount Zigbee multi-button controller (Sunricher, iCasa, etc.)


I have just bought the iCasa 4-button Zigbee controller, available with 2/4/8 button, you can see it here: https://en.icasa.io/wandschakelaars

This is made by Sunricher and re-branded by several companies.

Unfortunately, ST has no native support and recognizes it as a thing. I have changed the device type to “Zigbee Button” and it works but only the top two buttons are recognized as a single button, the bottom ones are ignored.

I think that supporting these wall controllers would be great, they are cheap and integrate very well by replacing mechanical wall switches.

I have some basic programming experience, I may try to create a device handler, but I need some basic guidance.

Any idea?

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Did you ever get this working?